2012: Fast Start

2012: The Year of What? Well, they say several things. 2012 is told to be the end of the world, or the year of getting our feet and take new momentum. One thing is for sure: 2012 will be the year of what we do with it. There would be promises or wishes, but business […]

Team expansion

Vilma recruits This is not a network building activity! Recommendations are only revarded after contracted, delivered and paid services of Vilma’s team to new clients. Team member applicants are not promised to be employed in full time but, based on a mutual co-operation they are invited to a future assignment of the virtual team fitting […]

Season’s Greeting

About corporate greetings season That’s for sure a wierd genre. Being a good marketinger, let’s start with the message and target group. Well, the target audience is: those companies and institues who are the clients or prospects of our… er… what am I saying?! A limited company wishes merry xmas to a corporation? What the […]

Taking my shoes on…

…to take my first steps. Regarding my work, I have ideas and opinions, reading this and that… which may be of interest of anybody beyond my client and me. I share it, you read it and you may use it. That’s it. I’ll do my best to write all good things – after all, this […]